Wiley’s Suspender Minner



The Suspender Minner (yes its spelled right… just say it with a twang) was designed by Aaron Wiley for dealing with low water conditions.  The materials used keep this fly light and buoyant while still keeping a solid baitfish profile.  The Suspender Minner is meant to be fished on a sinking or sink tip line, and due to its buoyancy will suspend in the water column and flutter every time a current hits it.  Have fun with the colors on this one… you can try to imitate specific baitfish or just use attractor colors.


  • Hook: Gamakatsu SP11 size 1
  • Thread: Danville’s 3/0
  • Tail: Schlappen/Bucktail
  • Body 1: Ice Dub
  • Body 2: Polar Chenille
  • Collar: Mallard Flank
  • Wing: Flashabou
  • Head: Bucktail
  • Eyes: 3-D molded

Wiley's Suspender Minner 003

Start by securing the hook into your vice and begin your thread base advancing your thread to the hook point.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 047

Next tie in two schlappen feathers trim the excess and advance your thread back to the tie in point. Make sure to select the right feather for the tail as many feathers that come in packs of schlappen are fine for palmering, but do not have the taper or tip for the desired baitfish profile.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 056

You will take two small clumps of bucktail and tie them in on the left and right side of the shank.  Cut off the excess and bring the thread back to the tie in point.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 063

Text tie in the polar chenille and then either dub your thread or make a dubbing loop.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 072

Next you will dub the body of the fly leaving approximately 1/4 of an inch of the shank bare.  Then palmer the polar chenille over the dubbing making sure not to trap the fibers.  Tie off and cut off the excess.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 082

Now you will tie in a mallard flank feather and palmer it 2-3 wraps, then tie off and cut off the excess.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 085

Wiley's Suspender Minner 091

Tie in two clumps of bucktail with the butts pointing to the shank.  Measure the bucktail so that when reverse tied the tips will reach slightly past the hook bend.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 100

Reverse the bucktail and secure with some tight wraps.  When tying a head like this I will separate the clumps of bucktail and reverse one clump at a time, a pen with the ink cartridge can also be used to reverse the bucktail by forcing the open end over the shank and securing with progressively tighter thread wraps.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 108

Tie in 4-6 strands of flashabou flat on top of the fly.  Fold the tag ends hanging over the eye to the tail and secure.  Trim to length of the tail if your flashabou is too long.

Wiley's Suspender Minner 111

Now you can whip finish and cut off your thread.  To finish the fly glue on some eyes of your choice and give this minner a swim.