Twin Tail Madonna

Ray Schmidt’s Twin Tail Madonna is a great streamer pattern that can be tied and fished to imitate many species.  Common colors are olive, black, tan, white, yellow, and crayfish orange.  The best way to fish this fly is by using a sinking or sink tip line and use a jerk strip retrieve or swing it.  If you want to get the fly deeper in the water column you can add weighted wire, dumbbell eyes, or a conehead.


  • Hook: Dai Riki 700 size 2-6 (size 4 used here)
  • Thread: UTC 140
  • Body 1: Small mylar tubing (diamond braid)
  • Body 2: Two rabbit strips
  • Wing: 2-4 strands o flashabou
  • Collar and Head: Deer hair

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 005Secure your hook in your vice and start your thread base just before the hook point.  Advance thread to the hook bend.

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 008

Attach the mylar tubing and advance your thread forward leaving approximately 1/3 of the hook shank bare.

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 017

Wrap the mylar to the point where you advanced your thread.  Tie off and trim the excess material.

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 027SBS Twin Tail Madonna 020

Tie in the first rabbit strip so that it is skewed to only cover 1/2 of the top of the hook shank as shown  The rabbit strip will be on the top of the fly but needs to be oriented this way in order to fit two strips on the fly.

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 032

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 035

Attach the second rabbit strip and trim the excess material.  When attached properly the rabbit strips should cover the top of the fly while leaving the underside exposed as shown

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 046Tie in the flashabou flat on top of the fly.  Take the strands facing the eye and fold them over the original tie in point and secure with a few thread wraps.

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 050

Stack a clump of deer hair in a stacker.  Placed the stacked clump of hair on top of the fly and put two loose thread wrap around it to keep the hair in place.  Then take you thumb and press down on the tie in point to flare the hair on the top of the fly.  Secure with a few tight thread wraps.

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 056Spin a deer hair head along the remaining hook shank.  Usually it takes two generous clumps of hair.

SBS Twin Tail Madonna 064Whip finish and cut your thread.  Next use a double edge razor, scissors, or a combination of both to trim the head in a sculpin/muddler shape and you are done!