Galloup’s T&A Bunker


The T&A Bunker is an articulated fly designed by Kelly Galloup.  This fly has a ton of movement in the water not only from being articulated, but also because this fly is almost completely made of marabou.  The T&A Bunker can be tied to imitate many different types of fish by changing the color of materials.  In the video I show a rainbow variant with three colors, but for the pictorial step by step I show how you can tie a two color variant.  Since it is unweighted it is easy to cast, but meant to be fished on a sinking or sink tip line.  The only real tying note on this fly is to select good feathers to be palmered up the body.  The  pictures will show what to look for but the ideal feather has long even fibers with aesthetic tips, and remember the length of the palmered marabou is determined by the length of the fibers from stem to tip.


  • Thread:  UTC 140
  • Back Hook:  Gamakatsu B10S size 4 (or similar)
  • Tail/Body:  Palmered white, one plume stacked on top, one plume for sides (if three colors are being used)
  • Connection:  Beadalon 19 strand .38mm and 3 large beads
  • Front Hook:  Gamakatsu B10S size 2 (or similar)
  • Skirt:  Flashabou
  • Tail/Body:  Palmered white, one plume stacked on top, one plume for sides (if three colors are being used)
  • Head:  Stacked wool
  • Eyes:  Glue on eyes

T&A Bunker 011Start by securing your hook in the vise and then start your thread base and advance the thread to the bend in the hook.

T&A Bunker 018

Next tie in one plume of marabou by the tip.  Tying in the feather using the fibers that are not suitable to palmer while leaving the rest exposed.

T&A Bunker 026

Next palmer the marabou up the shank of the hook being careful not to wrap over the tips.  Then tie off with about three wraps and cut off the butt section of the feather.  Now you will be able to pull out any trapped fibers and secure the marabou with a few more tight wraps.

T&A Bunker 033

Now you will repeat the last step by tying in one more plume of marabou and palmering it forward to  just behind the eye of the hook.  If you are using a different hook it may require another plume of marabou.

T&A Bunker 039

Next you will take one plume of marabou (the color will depend of the variant you are tying) and tie it in on top of the point where you tied off the palmered marabou.  If you are tying a variant with three colors (such as the Rainbow) you will tie two small clumps of this color marabou on opposite sides of the hook shank at the same point.  T&A Bunker 041

Now build a thread head whip finish and set the rear portion aside.

T&A Bunker 052

Secure your front hook in the vice and start your thread base advancing the thread to the bend.

T&A Bunker 060Tie in a small section of Beadalon or the connecting material you are using

T&A Bunker 061

Slide the beads onto the connecting material and then thread it down through the eye of your rear fly.  Next you will slide the connecting material back through the beads and mount the tag end onto the hook shank.  To make the fly ride correctly in the water the hinge between the two hooks needs to be perpendicular to the hook eye.

T&A Bunker 072

Take 10-15 strands of flashabou and tie them in flat on the hook shank.  Take the tag ends facing the eye of the front hook and reverse them to the rear fly and secure with some tight wraps.

T&A Bunker 080

Next you will palmer two marabou feathers onto the hook just like the rear portion of the fly except leave approximately 1/3 of the hook bare for the head of the fly.

T&A Bunker 085Again like on the rear portion of the fly tie in one plume of marabou on top and two clumps on opposite sides of the hook if tying a three color variant.

T&A Bunker 091

To make the head of this fly you will stack two colors of wool.  Start by center tying in a clump of the darker color wool on top of the hook shank and then center tie in a clump (the same size as on top) of the lighter color on the bottom of the hook shank.

T&A Bunker 100

Bring your thread in front of the wool (on the side between the two colors is the easiest place to do this without accidentally mixing the colors) and put a few wraps in front just like you would staking deer hair.

T&A Bunker 106

Continue the last step until the remaining hook shank has been covered and then whip finish and cut off your thread.T&A Bunker 110

The final steps to this fly are to trim the head into shape using scissors and glue on the eyes and fish it.

T&A Bunker 009

Rainbow Variant