Psycho Prince



The Psycho Prince is an update of the classic attractor pattern, the Prince nymph, from Mike Mercer.  This pattern utilizes new materials such as Ice Dub and Angle Hair to spruce up the must have fly and still retains many of the triggers that have made this a fish magnet for years including the light wings and beadhead.  The turkey tail feathers give this fly the appearance of a darker top like natural aquatic insects, and helps tone down some of the Ice Dub giving this pattern the perfect amount of bling.  Try out different color combos to find your favorites… so far olive/purple and purple/black have been very good.


  • Hook: Dai-Riki 060 size 14 or similar
  • Thread: 8/0
  • Bead: Gold
  • Tail: Goose biots
  • Body: Ice Dub
  • Rib: Copper wire
  • Carapace: Turkey tail
  • Wing Buds: Angle Hair (The original pattern calls for Electric Banana)
  • Wings: Goose biots
  • Collar: Ice Dub

Psycho Prince 005


Start by sliding the bead onto the hood and then secure in your vice.  Start a thread base behind the bead and advance your thread to the hook bend and build a small thread ball there to separate the goose biot tails.

Psycho Prince 014


Tie in the goose biots on opposite sides of the hook then trim off the excess.

Psycho Prince 020


Next tie in the copper wire and either break or cut off the excess.

Psycho Prince 027


Tie in the turkey tail fibers and trim off the excess.  Next when using Ice Dub or other synthetic dubbing I like to use tacky dubbing wax to help keep it on the thread when thread core dubbing.

Psycho Prince 034


Apply the dubbing to the thread and dub approximatly 2/3 of the body creating a slight taper.

Psycho Prince 050


Pull the turkey tail fibers forward and secure them with a few thread wraps, and then trim the excess material.  Then wrap the copper wire forward and secure in the same spot and break or trim the excess.

Psycho Prince 058


Cut out a small clump of angle hair making sure the fibers are aligned.  Tie it in on the top of the fly and trim so that it covers approximatly 1/3 of the body.

Psycho Prince 068


Next tie apply a small amount of Ice Dub and cover the tie in point of the Angle Hair.  Then tie in the goose biot wings.  The wings should be light colored or white.

Psycho Prince 074


Finally apply the secondary color Ice Dub to your thread and dub the collar.  Then whi