Kaufmann Stonefly



Randall Kaufmann’s Kaufmann Stonefly is a great stonefly imitation.  The hook size and colors can be changed to match specific species.  Common variants of this fly include beadhead and rubberleg versions, also other types of dubbing may by used to add some flash.


  • Hook: Daiichi 1730 size 6
  • Thread: UTC 140
  • Weight: Non-toxic wire, lead wire, or beadhead
  • Tail: Goose Biots
  • Abdomen: Stonefly or seal dubbing
  • Rib: Vinyl rib
  • Wingcase: Turkey quills (glued and trimmed)
  • Thorax: Dubbing
  • Head: Dubbing or beadhead
  • Antenna: Goose biots

Kaufmann Stonefly 011

If tying a beadhead variant attach a bead and secure the hook in your vice, if not secure the hook in your vice and attach any weight to the fly necessary.  For lead or non-toxic wire I put a little super glue on the hook shank before wrapping the wire to lock it in place.  Start your thread base and advance the thread to the very end of the hook shank.

Kaufmann Stonefly 016

Apply a small amount of dubbing to your thread and make a small ball at end of the hook shank.

Kaufmann Stonefly 032

Tie in the goose biot tails on opposite sides of the hook shank in front of the dubbing ball you made.

Kaufmann Stonefly 037

Tie in the vinyl rib

Kaufmann Stonefly 042

Next dub the abdomen of the fly creating a slight taper.  This will require a generous amount of dubbing.

Kaufmann Stonefly 048

Palmer the vinyl rib forword through the abdomen, secure it and cut off the excess.

Kaufmann Stonefly 064

The fastest way to tie this fly is to do this step before you start tying.  Clip off a small amount (enough to cover the back of your fly and create a wingcase) of turkey quills and apply some flexible head cement to them.  Let the head cement dry and then fold the quill in half longitudinally (the long way) and make an angled cut to create a V shape as shown.  If you do this prior to tying you will not have to wait for the head cement to dry in between steps.

Kaufmann Stonefly 067

Attach glued and trimmed turkey quill in as the wingcase and use dubbing to cover the tie in point.

Kaufmann Stonefly 070Repeat the last step two more times so that there are three wingcases.

Kaufmann Stonefly 074

For non beadhead variants attach the goose biot antenna.

Kaufmann Stonefly 080

Bring the thread back and fill in the head with dubbing whip finish the fly and trim your thread.  For beadhead variants you will continue the dubbing forward after the last wingcase to the bead head and then tie in the antenna on opposite sides of the beadhead.  Then whip finish and trim your thread.