Hogan’s S&M Nymph


Hogan Brown’s S&M Nymph is a great fly to have in the box for mayflies.  Unlike many other mayfly imitations the S&M Nymph is very slender and sparsely tied.  Another cool aspect of this fly is that the wingcase is supposed to be tied in a darker color than the rest of the body to better imitate the darker wingcases of the natural insects.  Hogan’s S&M Nymph can be adapted to imitate specific hatches by changing the colors of the materials used and the size of the hook.


  • Hook: Dai-Riki 060 size 14
  • Thread: 6/0 Uni Brown
  • Weight: Brass bead 7/64
  • Abdomen: Tying thread
  • Rib: Medium wire Brown
  • Thorax: Synthetic dubbing Brown
  • Wingcase: Goose biot
  • Legs: Krystal Flash

Hogan's S&M 008


Start by putting your bead onto the hook and then secure the hook in your vise.

Hogan's S&M 014


Begin your thread base behind the bead and advance your thread to the end of the hook shank.

Hogan's S&M 022


Tie in the pheasant tail fibers and advance your thread to the thorax tying down the pheasant tail up to this point.  (This will help create a small amount of bulk for the abdomen).

Hogan's S&M 035


Next tie in the wire rib at the junction where the abdomen and thorax will meet.  Advance your thread to the end of the hook shank and back to the tie in point completely covering the wire.

Hogan's S&M 041


Wrap the rib forward tie off and trim the excess.

Hogan's S&M 050

Tie in a goose biot on top of the fly for a wingcase.

Hogan's S&M 055


Next dub the thorax of the fly and bring it flush behind the bead.

Hogan's S&M 061


Take 2-3 strands of krystal flash and tie them in right behind the bead.  You can tie the flash in laying flat on top of the fly and secure it with two wraps, then take the ends and bring them to the desired position and then secure them in place with a few more thread wraps.

Hogan's S&M 068

Next bring the goose biot over the thorax and tie off right behind the bead.

Hogan's S&M 071


You can now whip finish and cut off the thread.  Next trim the wingcase and be sure to leave a small tag of the goose biot on top of the bead as shown.

Hogan's S&M 074


Finally trim the legs and tie it on to your tippet!