Aggravator Nymph


Andy Burk’s Aggravator Nymph is a creative fly that can be used to imitate many types of prey depending on the colors and materials used as well as how it is fished.  This fly can easily be made to mimic a crayfish, stonefly, minnow, or a damselfly.  The Aggravator can be fished to many species including trout, bass, and panfish in both rivers and still water.  Have fun adapting this fly to your home water and don’t be afraid to substitue material to make this fly aggravate your local fish.


  • Hook: Tiemco TMC 200
  • Bead: Brass or tungsten (color of choice)
  • Weight: Optional
  • Tag: Krystal flash
  • Tail: Marabou
  • Rib: Krystal flash
  • Abdomen: Dubbing of choice
  • Legs: Super floss
  • Thorax: Dubbing
  • Wingcase: Turkey tail
  • Collar: Dubbing

Aggravator nymph 013


Start off by putting the bead on the hook and weighting it if you want.  Then start your thread base and stop it at the barb.  Attach a piece of pearl krystal flash for the tag.

Aggravator nymph 018


Wrap the krystal flash back the bend of the hook 6-8 times and wrap the flash back over itself and tie off and cut the excess at the spot you tied it in.

aggravator and madison stoneflies 024

Tie in one marabou plum in for the tail.  I am using grizzly marabou but the normal stuff will work fine too.

aggravator and madison stoneflies 017


Tie in a strand of krystal flash for the rib.

Aggravator nymph 036


Next dub the body creating a taper as you go.

Aggravator nymph 054


Now you will tie in the legs.  tie them in so that they are tight against the abdomen and then advance your thread to the point where the thorax will end (leave approximately one hook eye space for the collar) securing the legs as you go.

Aggravator nymph 059


Reverse the front legs and secure them with a few thread wraps.

Aggravator nymph 066

The next step is to tie in the turkey tail wingcase.  Before tying coat the turkey slip with flexible head cement.  Once it has dried fold the slip in half the long way and cut it at an angle so it creates a v shaped notch.  Thin skin can be substituted for the turkey here.

Aggravator nymph 074


Finally dub the collar of the fly whip finish and give it a shot.