Sparkle Tail Midge


The sparkle tail midge is an awesome midge cluster pattern designed by Rainy Riding.  Like a Griffins Gnat the Sparkle Tail Midge imitates not one midge but many clustered together on the water’s surface.  This is a very high riding fly making it a good choice for a dry dropper rig to imitate multiple stages of a hatch.  The fly can match your needs simply by changing the color of the glass beads.  If your really cool and have a lot of hackle you can change up your hackle to match your beads… if not grizzly always works.


  • Hook: Daiichi 1100 (or your favorite dry fly hook)
  • Thread: UTC 70
  • Tail: White antron
  • Body: Glass beads
  • Hackle: Grizzly

Sparkle Tail Midge 018

Start off by putting three glass beads onto the hook and then secure your hook in the vice.

Sparkle Tail Midge 032

Start your thread base and stop just behind the eye of the hook (approximatly 6-10 wraps)  Then remove the barbs from the hackle where it will be tied in and tie it in bringing your thread back to the eye of the hook.

Sparkle Tail Midge 037

Wrap the hackle forward to the eye of the hook (3-4 wraps), then tie it in and cut off the excess.

Sparkle Tail Midge 051

After you trimmed the hackle whip finish and cut your thread.  You will then bring one of the beads forward just behind the hackle and start a new thread base and secure the bead snugly against the hackle.

Sparkle Tail Midge 056

You will then tie in another piece of hackle and wrap it forward to the bead you just tied in (3-4 wraps).  You will continue alternating tying in hackle and beads until the last bead is tied secured.

Sparkle Tail Midge 073

Sparkle Tail Midge 078

After the last bead is secured against the hackle tie in a small piece of white antron for the tail and one more piece of hackle.Sparkle Tail Midge 084

Wrap the hackle up to the last bead then tie off, cut the excess, whip finish, and go fish it!