Galloup’s Ant Acid

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When terrestrial season comes around everyone dreams of throwing big foam bugs and gets out the big hopper box, but sometimes the fish are spooked by such big patterns or have been stuck a few times already by big foam hoppers.  When this happens an ant can be the ticket to get the fish looking up for a meal off of the bank.  Ants are overlooked by many anglers, but they can be found all around river banks and some areas have pretty impressive flying ant populations.  Galloups ant acid is the perfect ant pattern to entice fish during the summer.  It has a dubbing body formed into three distinct segments, and the bi color body helps define the segmentation and get the fish’s attention along with some gold diamond braid and rubberlegs.  The Ant Acid floats well with its deer hair wing and can suspend a good size nymph for a dry dropper rig.  Give this fly a shot this summer and hold on!


  • Hook: MFC 7000 size 14
  • Thread: 8/0
  • Body 1: Antron or superfine dubbing
  • Wing 1: Gold diamond braid
  • Body 2: Antron or superfine dubbing
  • Wing 2: Deer hair
  • Head: Antron or superfine dubbing
  • Legs: Small rubber legs

Galloups Ant Acid 003

Start by securing the hook in your vice and start your thread base just behind the eye and advance it to the hook bend.

Galloups Ant Acid 015


Apply the first color dubbing to your thread and create the rear of the body by dubbing to the hook point and then back to the bend.  Continue doing this until you make the desired shape.

Galloups Ant Acid 021


Next take a small portion of Gold diamond braid and tie it in front of the rear of the body.

GalloupsAntAcid2 008


Now you will dub the body with your second color dubbing in the same manner as before.  Make sure not to make this section as big as the first.

GalloupsAntAcid2 012

Take a small clump of deer hair and stack it.  The tips should extend just past the hook when you tie them in.

GalloupsAntAcid2 020

Now dub the head of the fly using the same technique with the first color.  Make sure to finish the head with your thread at the rear of the head.

GalloupsAntAcid2 026


Finally attach the small rubberlegs and whip finish the fly right in front of the legs at the back of the head.