A Spot in the Fancy Box

Hemlock 017croppedThe old Hemlock is one of the flies that gets a reserved spot in the fancy box.  Even though many of the classic patterns, winged wet flies in particularly, are looked at as historic or even art few people still fish with them.  Although they have been admired since these flies were first thought up and tied, they were not tied to just be looked at… they were meant to catch fish and still will attract bites today.

Fishing these classics is a great way to change up your fishing style for a while if you feel you’re in a rut.  The old standby method for fishing these is on a simple down and across swing and the traditional rig was a line of three.  Then all you’ll need is some old hip waders, a full brimmed hat and a bamboo rod and you’re ready to go back to a simpler time.