The DuraStone is an original BFE pattern and is the newest addition to the fly database.  This fly has been proving itself by catching fish after fish and still being able to pass as a stonefly while other patterns are beat to a pulp!  The DuraStone is a versatile stonefly pattern at the vice too.  The original is tied on a scud hook to imitate a tumbling nymph that has been dislodged from the river bottom.  The size of scud hooks are limited, but for a larger fly the DuraStone is tied on a TMC 200 or equivalent to imitate the larger bugs.  By changing the colors of materials it is possible to tie a fly that represents any type of stones on the water you fish.  You can also adjust the amount of weight to suit your preferences and needs.  Give the DuraStone a go when the big bugs are hatching or as an anchor anytime of year and hold on tight!

A Spot in the Fancy Box

Hemlock 017croppedThe old Hemlock is one of the flies that gets a reserved spot in the fancy box.  Even though many of the classic patterns, winged wet flies in particularly, are looked at as historic or even art few people still fish with them.  Although they have been admired since these flies were first thought up and tied, they were not tied to just be looked at… they were meant to catch fish and still will attract bites today.

Fishing these classics is a great way to change up your fishing style for a while if you feel you’re in a rut.  The old standby method for fishing these is on a simple down and across swing and the traditional rig was a line of three.  Then all you’ll need is some old hip waders, a full brimmed hat and a bamboo rod and you’re ready to go back to a simpler time.

Getting Jiggy with it

Jiggy DuraStone 070


Custom order of DuraStones from Brook Fishing Equipment.  Tied on a jig hook and balanced so that the fly rests in a horizontal position.  Tying this to the tippet with a loop knot, and the rubber legs give this pattern tons of realistic movement.  If you have an idea for a custom pattern that can’t be found in a shop shoot and email to info@brookfishingequipment.com

Squirmy Wormie cleaning up

Squirmy eater


Here the Squirmy Wormie took a nice brown in high water conditions.  High water due to run-off or heavy precipitation can present tough fishing conditions and leave you frustrated and skunked.  Before you call it quits and refuse to fish these conditions again give the Squirmy Wormie or another worm pattern a try.

When the water level rises parts of the river bank along with things in that bank (such as worms) will be taken by the current downstream.  With the sudden spike of worms in the water trout will take advantage of this to gorge themselves and be more willing to take worm imitations.

In situations like this most of the worm flies available will get the attention of a few fish, but not like a Squirmy Wormie.  This pattern is tied with a material made by Spirit River that moves and wiggles in the water like a real worm driving fish crazy.  It may not last through as many takes as standard San Juan Worm, but it will entice the fish that inspect and turn down a San Juan Worm.

Follow the link for a video and step by step instructions for tying the Squirmy Wormie http://www.redbeardflyfishing.com/fly-patterns/nymphs/squirmy-wormie/